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Cheap Wedding Accessories For the Budget Wedding

Whether you need wedding accessories for the bride, the groom, the ceremony, or for the reception, you do NOT have to spend a fortune. Why? Because cheap wedding accessories are extremely easy to come by, especially when you know where to look!

Cheap Wedding Accessories for the Bride

A great way to add style, taste, and flair to your bridal ensemble is by using an inexpensive bridal headpiece. The 3 most common headpieces include crown, halo, or tiara.

The headpiece you choose depends on your preferences as well as the type of wedding dress you're going to wear. Luckily, most bridal headpieces, no matter what the type, tend to match most wedding gowns with ease. But even with that said, you still need to make sure you know EXACTLY what you want before sinking money into a purchase.

Veils are another bridal accessory which are cheap and can help to spruce up the bride's appearance. It's important to note that a veil isn't always needed to complete the bridal "outfit" -- hence, don't feel that it's a “must-have” accessory. Then again, there will be some dresses that NEED the veil in order to make the ensemble 100% complete. Having said that, it's really up to you to decide if the veil will make or break the wedding dress.

Cheap Wedding Accessories for the Groom

Unlike the bride, the groom needs nothing aside from his wedding tuxedo, a respectable pair of shoes, and maybe the traditional "hankie". If he has these things, he's likely good to go.

Cheap Wedding Accessories for the Guests

It's always nice, and customary, for the bride & groom to give out small gifts or trinkets to their quests. This is basically a "Thank You" for coming to and being a part of the wedding.

If you want to keep the gift simple & relatively inexpensive, give your guests tiny scented candles with wedding ribbons attached. Put these candles in small, elegant bags with a signed "Thank You For Coming!" card attached. Such a small token of appreciation will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come.

Don't like the candle idea? Think it's too impersonal? Then replace the candle with an engagement photo of the two of you (bride & groom) for a more personal touch.

Cheap Wedding Accessories for the Wedding Reception

If you want to save some money on the wedding reception -- the part of the wedding that eats up about 50% of the budget -- then cheap wedding accessories is definitely the way to go. By switching out some of the expensive wedding accessories for cheaper ones, you can save a small fortune. Here are a few ways to save...

- If you're having a buffet type reception, why not use plastic forks and plastic utensils? Even high-end, durable plastic ware will be substantially cheaper than engraved silverware. So long as the utensils can be used easily to eat with, NO ONE will care in the slightest.

- Flowers are sometimes considered to be a wedding accessory rather than a necessity. Either way though, if you want to save money on this expenditure, only decorate with flowers that are in season. Also, think about using flowering potted plants instead of the professionally cut flowers; you'll save a ton of money.

- Ribbons are one of the cheapest wedding accessories around. Buy a bunch of these (make sure they match your wedding theme colors) and start tying them to almost everything at the reception; chairs, tables, flowers, centerpieces, balloons, you name it.

Believe it or not, some of the most amazing weddings of all time have been, and continue to be, put together with cheap wedding accessories. That said, don't let your wedding's lack of "fancy-schmancy" get you down. There is no rule that states "expensive weddings” are any better than inexpensive ones!