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How to Get an Inexpensive Wedding Dress

There's no reason you have to drop five, or even ten, thousand dollars on your wedding dress. Yes, you want to look beautiful and jaw-dropping for your big day and the wedding dress you choose will make or break that goal. However, who's to say you can't look beautiful and drop-dead gorgeous with inexpensive wedding dresses? An inexpensive wedding dress can allow you to look amazing while, at the same time, help you save a nice chunk of cash for the wedding budget!

4 Ways to Get Inexpensive Wedding Dresses and Save on the Budget...

1. Closet Sweep: Go through as many closets as you can -- yours, your mother, your grandmother, aunts, your mother-in-law, and/or any other female closet you can get to. The odds are good that at least one wedding gown survived from when your mother, grandmother, or aunt originally got married. Ask the woman if you could honor her by wearing the wedding dress on your wedding day. Most people can't deny such a gracious request.

2. Barely Used: When trying to plan a wedding on a budget, antique stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores are your BEST friend. With a bit of searching and patience, it shouldn't be too hard to find few great looking, inexpensive wedding dresses.

3. Renting: Some women like to keep their wedding gown as a "reminder" or "memento" of their wedding day. Then again, there are others that feel you shouldn't spend a fortune on a dress that you'll only wear for ONE DAY. If you're more akin to the latter, then perhaps you should rent a wedding dress instead of buying one. And contrary to what you may think, renting a dress is actually a far cheaper solution (usually); even when compared to buying inexpensive wedding dresses.

4. Dump Tradition: We all know the white wedding dress is traditional -- However, there is no "Rule" or "Law" that says you have to wear one on your wedding day. If you have a dress that's not the "typical" wedding attire, yet you still look amazing when you wear it, then you already have the perfect wedding dress for your big day! Remember, it's your day, nobody else's -- do what makes you comfortable!

A Very Important Tip: Inexpensive wedding dresses don't have to be perfect, so don't worry about size or design if you find one you like. Use some of the money you saved from NOT buying a new wedding dress and hire a good seamstress to make a few alterations.