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5 Simple Steps to Planning a Wedding

Weddings don't have to be a nightmare to plan. To be completely honest, they can be quite easy and hassle free so long as you've got a solid plan of action. Wait, you don't have a plan? Seriously? If that's the case, then these 5 steps to planning a wedding will definitely come in handy!

5 Simple Steps to Planning a Wedding That's Hassle Free...

1. Set a Budget. This is the first and one of the most important steps there is. If "unlimited" is your budget, that's great and you won't likely have a care in the world when it comes to planning your wedding. On the other hand, if you're like most people, you're going to have a tight budget that won't allow for too much frivolous spending, if any at all. So, come up with a realistic figure and try to keep expenditures within that limit.

2. Create a List. If you want something included in your wedding, it needs to be on the list -- no ifs, ands, or buts about it. No matter how insignificant the detail may seem, write it down. Why do you need this list? Well, you'll find out in just a moment.

3. Prioritize The List: Of all the steps to planning a wedding on a budget, this is probably the most important. Start putting numbers next to each of the items on the list (1 being most important).

When every item has a number next to it, you'll need to create a new list by rearranging the old one. By looking at this newly formed list, you and your partner will be able to quickly identify the most important aspects of the wedding as well as the least important. This will help out greatly when it comes to budgeting specific items later on.

4. Keep Invites Realistic: Inviting FEWER people is one of the key steps to planning a wedding on a light budget. The idea is, fewer people, fewer expenses. That said, discuss with your partner in detail the number of people you'd like to have at your wedding.

Remember, you don't have to send an invitation to everyone you've ever known -- just people you can call friends and, of course, family members. Once there is a general estimate, say 250-300 people, you can move on to specifics. Another important thing, a bigger crowd at your wedding will NOT make the occasion any more memorable than a smaller crowd.

5. Look for bargains: Want to save money on the reception? Then start bargain hunting for your wedding. You don't have to go to garage sales or flea markets or anything like that, nor should you go straight to the pricey, high-end places either. To make things less confusing, here are a few suggestions you might find useful.

Steps to Planning a Wedding - Money Saving Suggestions

The Drinks: What you need to do here is think outside the box. Rather than a full open bar, which is not only expensive but also encourages people to drink themselves into a stupor, why not consider handling the beverages yourrself?

Buying beer, wine, champagne, and nonalcoholic beverages in bulk is not only a great way to save some money for the budget, it's far more tasteful to boot.

The Dress: Choosing that perfect wedding dress is one of the biggest steps to planning a wedding. However, rather than buying that $4500 wedding dress, maybe you should consider talking to some of your relatives.

Chances are that your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or an aunt has a wedding gown that you could have the honor of wearing. You could then pay a good seamstress to alter the wedding dress to your exact specifications; thereby allowing you to save a ton of money and look amazing at the same time!

The Food: Instead of a heavily catered affair with numerous servants and a sit-down meal, perhaps you should take the buffet route? A buffet will save you money and it will offer a far greater diversity when it comes to food choices.

Think about it -- would you rather be handed a plate of pre-chosen food (NOT picked by you) OR would you prefer to create your own plate of food based on what you like? If you're like most people (as in the majority of your guests), you want to choose what you eat, not have it chosen for you like a child. Another great thing about buffets is that they encourage guests to eat when THEY want, not when they're told to. Simply put, a buffet is just the better, less expensive approach to feeding & pleasing your guests.

There you have it, 5 steps to planning a wedding you can be proud of, as well as 3 incredibly easy ways you can save money during the wedding reception. If you can't save money for the wedding budget with what you're just learned, well, then your out of luck.