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Choosing The Right Wedding Cake Icing

The wedding cake is a short yet very important part of the wedding reception. If you truly want it to be a delight for you and your guests -- a delight not only for the eyes but also for the taste buds -- then you have to choose the right wedding cake icing. Although a seemingly simple aspect, your choice of icing will either MAKE or BREAK the wedding cake's success.

Choices of Wedding Cake Icing...

Butter Cream: Without a doubt, the most popular icing for wedding cake. Butter cream is not only super easy to color and design with, it actually tastes good too.

This icing is typically the most affordable of all wedding cake icing, which is why it's commonly used in grocery stores and bakeries. The only downside to butter cream is that it melts easily, meaning the temperature must be maintained if the cake is to remain in perfect condition. Special considerations need to be made for outside weddings if this icing is chosen.

Marzipan: Another "favorite" of pastry chefs and bakers. This wedding cake icing tastes quite good and is relatively easy to design with. Marzipan is made up of eggs, sugar, and most importantly, almonds. Aside from being used for the covering and filling of wedding cakes, this icing can also be used in baking. Marzipan is one of the more expensive wedding cake icings, so be prepared to pay a bit extra.

Fondant: As far as flawless cake designs & colors go, fondant is the best. However, fondant icing is only great in terms of the “end” result, appearance wise. Why? Because it's not very easy to work with, plus, it doesn't taste very good.

Creating perfect, incredibly elaborate designs and mixing colors with no bleeding is easily done with fondant. Then again, that's only after a lot of HARD work by the cake maker -- which usually means a much larger bill for you. All in all, if you're going for a very elaborate wedding cake design with mixed colors, than fondant icing is the choice for you.

Royal Icing: Yet another inexpensive and tasty icing for wedding cake. Royal icing is commonly used to decorate cakes with the most intricate of designs. The icing starts out smooth & pliable thereby making decorating a breeze. After it sits for awhile, the icing will harden, ensuring that your wedding cake designs are kept perfect. This icing can also be used as a "glue" to quickly combine & fasten decorations together.

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing an icing for wedding cake. Talk to your husband (or wife) and try to decide which wedding cake icing is the best possible choice.