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Common Wedding Cake Prices

"How much do wedding cakes cost?" This is a question you'll have to find the answer to at one point or another during your wedding planning. Luckily for you though, you won't have to go far to find the answer, as the average wedding cake prices are directly below.

Wedding Cake Prices and What You'll Get...

Cheap Solution: If you're planning a wedding on a budget, you're probably going to want a simple cake with just a touch of elegance. The price of such a cake will run you about $300-500 ($1 to $1.50 per slice). This type of cake won't have much in the way of decorations, but it will be sufficient for your tightly budgeted wedding. Remember, the more elaborate the cake, the higher the price.

Inexpensive Solution: A moderately decorated, 2-tier or 3-tier cake with special wedding cake icing as well as fondant decor will cost anywhere from $5 or $6 per slice. If needed, you can easily get this cost down a little further by sacrificing some of the artsy-fartsy decorations.

Expensive Solution: For a highly decorated wedding cake with the works, expect a price of about $8-10 per slice. That may seem expensive for wedding cake prices, but considering the decorations, the specialized care, as well as the gourmet icing and flavored fillings, it's really not THAT bad.

Royalty Solution: This is the ultimate of ultimates in wedding cake choices. Everything will be customized and specialized right down to the last decoration and icing swirl. This is nothing short of a wedding cake fit for a King & Queen. A cake with this much work won't cost anything less than $15 dollars per slice. That said, if you're trying to plan a wedding on a budget, you won't likely be serving a wedding cake like this -- not unless you plan to forgo everything else at the reception.

These are the typical wedding cake prices that you'll come across. Fortunately, more than a few bakeries and pastry chefs will work with you & your budget so that you can get the wedding cake your heart is set on. If they refuse to work with you or even to consider wedding cake discounts, well, there are plenty of others out there that will try their hardest to get you the lowest wedding cake prices possible.