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Fantastic Wedding Decorations Ideas

A wedding without decorations is like a wedding cake without icing -- it's just not appealing. That said, if you want your wedding to have the style and flair it deserves, while still saving some money for the wedding budget, you really need to be coming up with wedding decorations ideas. Can't think of any unique wedding decorations ideas? Then take a gander at some these!

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas...

Fresh Flowers: Do NOT use flowers that are out of season or you'll end up spending a fortune. Instead, only buy wedding flowers which are in season. Also, consider using flowering potted plants rather than cut flowers. Aside from being significantly less expensive, potted flowers won't wither and die. And as if that wasn't enough, you can even let your guests take the flowers home after the reception.

Flavorful Fruits: It may sound strange, but assorted fruit bowls are not only decorative and pleasant to look at, they are EXTREMELY cheap. Place apples, pears, oranges, grapes, grapefruit, or any other fruits in decorative bowls and spread them out through the reception area. You can even combine fruits & flowers for a more impressive effect.

Ravishing Ribbons: Ribbons are very cheap and they look good with almost anything. Tie ribbons onto the flowers, the fruit bowels, the lighting fixtures, the tables, as well as any other place you can think of. Remember, stick to the colors of the wedding -- don't get crazy and use all the colors of the rainbow.

Cute Candles: Candles are an elegant, tasteful, and most importantly, an inexpensive way to spruce up your wedding reception area. Candles can be used as center pieces as well as wedding table decor. Shop around for the best deals on bulk candles if you want to save money. This is a must for weddings on a budget, as there are just so many unique ways in using candles as decorations.

Beautiful Balloons: As far as cheap wedding decorations ideas go, this is one of the best, period. Aside from being VERY inexpensive, balloons are also quite elegant when used in the right places. Stick to the colors of the wedding (2-3 colors max) and the balloons will be an excellent addition to your other wedding reception decorations. Quick tip: Keep balloon density controlled, as you don't need to have balloons spread out every 3 or 4 feet.

As you can see, you don't have to spend thousands & thousands of dollars on wedding decorations to ensure your wedding is tasteful. To do so is a complete & utter waste of money -- money that could be used on other aspects of the wedding. That said, just do yourself a favor and stick with these and other unique wedding decorations ideas -- you'll be glad you did.