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Smart, & Super Cheap Wedding Party Decorations

The wedding party, also known as wedding reception, is usually thought of as the biggest part of the wedding. That said, it shouldn't be of any surprise that the wedding party decorations will need to be both attractive and elegant if the occasion is to be remembered. If they're not, well, the wedding party will likely suffer greatly.

If you want your wedding party decorations -- such as lighting, flowers, centerpieces, wedding table decor, and more -- to be beautiful yet inexpensive, then you have to get creative. By planning ahead and coming up with a few great wedding decoration ideas before hand, you'll not only save plenty of money, but you'll great an atmosphere that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Tasteful Ideas For Wedding Party Decorations

- Pictures of the bride & groom are a great way to (cheaply) decorate the reception area and share past experiences with quests. Mix things up by using both formal photos as well as fun family pictures too.

- Rather than just decorating with flowers, why not try adding in some fruits? Fruits are inexpensive yet they can still add that extra bit of flair & style to a centerpiece or a wedding reception table.

- Get creative with wedding table decor. An arrangement of flowers and/or fruit is always nice, but why not try the ever-classy "floating candle" decoration OR even the popular "fruit & candle" arrangement instead. Why should you use candles? Because not only are they cheap, they are incredibly easy to decorate with. Candles have to be the best type of wedding table decor around, period.

- If you're dead set on using flowers for your wedding party decorations, yet still are hell-bent on saving money too, then do the following. First, only buy flowers that are in season. Second, try to arrange the flowers yourself or with the help of a friend who knows how. Third, use flowering potted plants rather than cut flowers, it's cheaper. Finally, tie ribbons to all the flowers and place them generously throughout the reception area. Flowers may be one of the most expensive wedding party decorations around, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways for for you to save!

- To add in a bit of extra flair & style at a low cost, consider using wedding balloons. Balloons will create a celebratory mood for the guests, kids love them, and they aren't very hard to manage or organize. Quick tip: Try keeping to white, black, and pastel colors that match the theme of the wedding. If wedding colors are more of a pink and teal, you're not going to want red and blue balloons. They don't have to match perfectly, but the colors should be in the same ballpark.

Save Money With Already Decorated Wedding Party Locations

1. Botanical Gardens: What is a more natural and beautiful location than this? The flowers and other decorations of such a place will be more than halfway finished, thereby enabling you to save tons of money for other aspects of the wedding. Most botanical gardens locations have facilities for weddings as well as other private events; therefore, all you have to do is call up and book a date.

2. The Beach: Aside from a few chairs, tables, and maybe some sort of dance floor, nearly all the wedding party decorations will be taken care of. The sun, sand, and ocean will create the perfect atmosphere for fun & enjoyment.

3. Public Parks: The PERFECT location for nature-loving newly weds. Money spent on wedding party decorations can be kept to a bare minimum with such a beautiful location. You already have the trees, the grass, the flowers, and the sun -- all you really need is a few chairs, a couple of tables, and/or some of your own wedding decor for that personal touch!