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Typical Wedding Photographer Prices & What You'll Pay For Wedding Photos

Here's the situation: Wedding photographer prices are high. You're on a tight budget and trying to save money. Even with wedding photographer prices as high as they are, you still want to remember your wedding day and have lots of great photos you can treasure. What to Do, What to Do?

Unfortunately, this is one of those wedding things you just have to step up and deal with -- if you want great wedding photos that is. However, just because you HAVE TO pay for a professional photographer, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try getting the best deal possible.

Although prices vary from service to service, here is a basic run down of the average wedding photographer prices.

Very Basic Packages: About $800 or Less

Smaller Packages: $1500 or Less

Mid-Size Packages: Between $2500 and $3500

Larger Packages: Around $4000 to $5000

Ultimate Packages: WAY ABOVE $6000

Depending on the skill and reputation of the wedding photography service, the prices may be higher or lower than those listed above. It's also important to note that the price you see is NOT set in stone. Negotiate, haggle, and then negotiate some more to get the price down a bit further. They want your business, no matter how nonchalant they may act. Let them know the budget you're working with and that you want a good deal.

Aside from just getting the cheapest wedding photographer prices possible, it's also crucial to get competent & reliable service. If they won't sit down with you for a meeting and/or show you their portfolio, well, then they don't deserve your business, period.

A low cost is great, but it kind of defeats the purpose if the money goes to some clown who couldn't operate a camera if his life depended on it. Check around and make sure the low wedding photographer prices your getting aren't "too good to be true". If everything checks out, well, you've got yourself a wedding photographer.

Get More Wedding Photos for a Fraction of the Cost

If you want to get more great photos of the wedding yet don't want to upgrade your package with the photographer, there's a simple & less expensive solution.

Figure out how many tables you're going have at the wedding and then go out and buy double or even triple that number in disposable cameras. If you've got 15 tables, get 45 disposable cameras and put 3 to a table.

Not only will you get some great informal shots by doing this, but the guests will love the experience too! Plus, the cost of these photos will beat out any & all wedding photographer prices you could possibly come across!